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Yoga takes root in couple's retirement

By Frank Marquez

Better late than never.

Mike and Pam Brunner of Gering, Nebraska, were introduced to Yoga in their seventh decade of life. Mike, 62, retired last year from a desk job as a certified transportation broker after 37 years. Before that, he started out in the workforce as a DJ on radio stations in Gering and Portland, Oregon. Meanwhile, Pam, 60, worked for Gering Public Schools for 22 years, the last two as a librarian at Gering’s Northfield Elementary. 

Both performed relatively sedentary jobs and their bodies felt the effects. Mike kept his head firmly into the receiver of a telephone, one elbow on the desk, while Pam pushed book carts and chased kids. With two kids of their own long since gone, the empty-nesters began to settle into retirement as couch potatoes, which didn’t abide their interests.

Photo by Frank Marquez

Retired couple Mike and Pam Brunner have discovered a new vitality in gardening and yard work with their regular yoga practice.

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