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Find your Peace and Purpose

      Society is sick with the disease of overwhelm.  Most of us have, at one time, fallen prey to the cultural lie that we must constantly strive for more achievement, more productivity, more money, more, more, more.  The result is often more stress, worry, exhaustion, and a never-ending cycle of effort to feel useful. Many of us feel our efforts are never enough.  At some point, we hit a wall of stress and overwhelm.  Our bodies can even betray us, refusing to go further, with brain fog, cognitive episodes, emotional roller coasters of sadness, depression, panic attacks, mystery illnesses and more.

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     Sometimes we have temporary cycles in life when we are stretched almost beyond our capacity to manage all of our responsibilities.  Often, young mothers and fathers with small children suffer silently with little support or understanding. Business owners and professional people often struggle with the stress of managing every aspect of their lives on top of a demanding business.  Heads of households may have added stressors trying to make ends meet, be good parents, deal with health concerns, take care of elderly relatives or grandchildren, and other pressures.

     As we effort through our responsibilities, big feelings of overwhelm can grow inside us, and if unchecked, can reach a state of overload that can manifest into rage, violent speech or action, guilt, inability to perform everyday tasks, job loss, health failure, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

Work with Transformation Coach Lisa Betz-Marquez

     If you’re wondering how to shift out of this cycle of busyness, how you can reset and feel better, Be Free Breathwork Journey might be a good start for the release of these big feelings.  It can be much like first aid for the person teetering on the edge of feeling crazy or toying with the idea of running away or suicide.

     As maintenance of your everyday life, a regular practice of Yoga can do wonders to create calm, relaxation, and a sense of peace, with physical health benefits to support your goals and growth.


     If unconscious behaviors have been challenging to step away from with traditional methods, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can help to create new behaviors and resources that easily support your dreams and goals.

     If your needs include more support from those closest to you, Archetypal Gesture can bring insight, awareness, and wisdom to your process of self advocacy and assist with communication about your needs.

     If you don’t know where to begin and simply need to feel centered, loved, and open to insight, a Reiki Healing Session might be the perfect beginning to a journey of self-discovery and healing.


     As a Transformation Coach,  Lisa works with people in all stages of life to explore the values and beliefs that have created unconscious behavior patterns. In order to uncover these patterns and forge a new path forward to authenticity, empowerment, and peace, your work together may involve any and all of the approaches listed above.

     Lisa has helped people with pervasive anxiety, trauma triggers, compulsive eating, low self-image, childhood abuse, food and substance addictions, loneliness, feelings of worthlessness, and more.


     Everyone has the capacity to heal themselves, Lisa will merely be a guide, introducing you to tools and practices designed to awaken your awareness of the healer that resides within you.  The initial consultation session with Lisa is 90-minutes, at $75..

After the first session, a customized approach will be designed for each individual client and discussed in the second session.


About Lisa: 

Lisa is a Life Transformation Coach and Healer, working with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Yoga, Reiki, Transformational Breathwork, and her signature healing modality, Archetypal Gesture.  She holds certification at the Master/Teacher level of Reiki, Practitioner level of NLP, a facilitator of Be Free Breathwork, and is a 200-hour certified Yoga Instructor. Lisa believes that no one is broken or beyond the healing transformation that  frees an individual to be their authentic self. It is her greatest joy and serious mission to facilitate the healing journey through all the tools, practices and compassion she can offer.  Lisa will gently and lovingly guide each client as they journey toward awareness, forgiveness, confidence, and peace. 

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Lisa Betz-Marquez

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