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   Lisa is an Intuitive Healer and Transformational Coach. Lisa's journey of service to others has led her to study Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Yoga, Reiki, Transformational Breathwork, Sacred Movement, and more. She has created a breath and movement practice, called Archetypal Gesture, which helps clients to renegotiate soul contracts, dissolve agreements, heal broken relationships, and forgive self and others.  Lisa holds certification at the Master level of Reiki, and Practitioner level of NLP. She is a certified Yoga teacher and a certified Breathwork Journey facilitator.  She takes great pleasure in hosting women's retreats teaching empowerment and soulful practices.  Lisa believes that no one is broken or beyond the healing that will free an individual to be their authentic self. It is her mission to facilitate the healing journey through all she can offer.  Lisa gently and lovingly guides each client as they journey toward awareness, forgiveness, confidence and peace.

About Lisa
Lisa portrait with tree and drum with cr

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Lisa Betz-Marquez
About Lisa and the Peaceful Prairie at Rose Hill

Lisa's great-grandparents came here in the early

1900s, and she grew up spending weekends

on the prairie with her grandpa, hiking the hills,

searching for fossils and antlers.

This beautiful prairie has always been a healing balm to her spirit when troubled, a friend receiving her tears, and comforting her when angry or frustrated. Always, the land held her in the throes of struggle.

A few years ago, the land appeared to Lisa in a vision during ceremony and corrected the nature of their relationship. It said, "We are the land. We are not "your" land. We are "the" land. We welcome you and the humans in mutual love and understanding. We invite you to share this with others. We will teach you, and them."

It is Lisa's greatest pleasure to welcome the weary spirit to the healing land of Rose Hill's Peaceful Prairie.

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