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(NLP) is a system of tools referred to as “processes” that can be used in two ways to help a person make powerful changes in their lives.  First, NLP can help to clear old mental programs that create barriers to our happiness and success.  These show up in our life as unwanted behaviors, beliefs, and emotional and trauma triggers that interfere in our highest potential; and second, NLP has tools to help build resources that lead to higher emotional intelligence and practical skills that can better serve the individual's needs. 


Much of human behavior is unconscious, created from the data gathered during the "imprint stage" in the first 7 years of life.  These data are received through the five

senses and stored in our brain in the form of language and emotional response, forming our personal values, beliefs, and attitudes, eventually becoming the foundation of our unique model of the world, our template for who we are and what we believe about and value in life.  

For some, this inheritance becomes burdensome to carry, especially when we are unable to choose how we respond to certain circumstances related to our programming.  Because much of our behavior is generated in the unconscious mind, it can be difficult to shift our behavior using the conscious (waking, thinking) mind alone.


NLP offers processes that aid the individual in clearing unconscious responses, helping to build resources that better serve today's intentions and goals.


Lisa has helped clients using NLP for many different challenges.  Here are some examples:



1.   Fear of being judged

2.   Fear of being wrong

3.   Anxiety triggered by a messy house and other stimuli

4.   Fear of social settings

5.   Unconscious eating patterns

6.   Anger responses to triggers

7.   Stress response triggered by unexpected noise

8.   A pervasive feeling of loneliness

9.   Fear of being abandoned

10. Feelings of inadequacy (belief of “not being good enough”)

11. Generalized anxiety

Resource Building

1.  Improving memory

2.  Creating motivation to clean and tidy

3.  Creating confidence in auditioning for a singing solo

4.  Creating certainty in test-taking

5.  Reducing fixation on baked goods and sugar

6.  Creating desire for beneficial foods

7.  Creating motivation to exercise

8.  Creating confidence in meeting new people

9.  Shifting a tendency to live in the past to a focus on the now


Working with Lisa can take a minimum of 2 one-hour sessions, for a simple goal.  Most clients are able to complete their goals within 4 sessions, though complex challenges may require more. During the first session, you will discuss your goals and beliefs about what holds you back from being your best self.  Though some discussion about past responses may be necessary, Lisa is not a therapist and there is no need to go into all of your history or details of trauma.  We will focus on what you want to achieve now.  


In successive sessions, the NLP processes are utilized to help build any resources needed and clear unwanted patterns and behavior.  


NLP has a variety of tools that can be utilized, which are often like a guided meditation.  Results are immediate, and lasting, though some complex challenges may require a multi-faceted approach that takes longer to resolve.

Click HERE to see testimonials from clients who've worked with Lisa.

How does NLP work?

  • Neuro- Nerves (referred to as the nervous system) that exist throughout the mind and body are the electrical system of the body. Each system of nerves has its own chemical formula, amps of electricity, and power capabilities.  Throughout the nervous system are magnetic fields which are controlled by the chemicals of the body.  The Brain is the center of this magnetic field and is controlled by conscious and unconscious thought impulses. Emotions trigger the chemicals that activate the system. Thoughts are the electricity, emotions are the magnetism of the systems, and the chemicals needed come from the physiology of the body, generated by ideas and thoughts. As we realign with desired changes, our neurology changes, and our neurological framework changes, leading to changes in our behavior and experience of life.

  • Linguistic- Language and nonverbal communication through which our neurology and representation systems are coded is used internally and externally. It is more than communication, it is a way we make meaning and understanding to describe our experiences. Changing our language changes our physiology and neurology.


  • Programming- From birth to age 8, humans experience the "imprint stage."  During this stage of life, all humans input data from all five senses, language and feelings. This data are recorded by the unconscious mind and stored within the brain, thus forming our system of programming, patterns and beliefs. The unconscious mind cannot judge or discern among this data, but merely stores and keeps it within our brain, body, and along our neurological framework as the template from which our life patterns or personal programs develop. These programs are held in the unconscious mind, throughout our neurological framework, and in the body. We access the majority of these programs through the unconscious mind, and by our sensate knowing. They affect our behaviors and are often thought of as automatic behaviors, beliefs, or habits. 

As you work with NLP, you can organize behaviors into component parts on both the verbal and nonverbal levels, offering unlimited possibilities for change and learning. NLP offers a deliberate way to use your brain to create the life you want.

What can NLP be utilized for?

  • Release Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Fear, Guilt, Shame

  • Clear Unwanted Emotions 

  • Eradicate Addictions

  • Change Unconscious Beliefs and Patterns

  • Set and Keep Goals

  • Reduce or Remove Trauma Triggers

  • Relieve PTSD Symptoms

  • Improve Learning Skill

  • Increase School and Business Performance

  • And much more

How do I begin?

Certified NLP Practitioner Lisa Betz-Marquez is available by appointment. The first session is for assessment purposes only, used to determine the best approach for later appointments.  Typically, NLP processes take 3-4 sessions. Each session will last up to one hour, depending on the work in that session. Individual sessions are $65 and the 4-session prepaid package is $235 (a savings of $25).

Call Lisa at 308-672-1114 to schedule your session or click the button below to book now.

Click HERE to see testimonials from clients who've worked with Lisa.

What is NLP? 

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