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Retreat Activities

Friday, June 18


(Arrive between 3 - 6 p.m.)

Set Up Camp / get acquainted with each other and the land. Later arrivals are accommodated.

6:30 p.m. Dinner

Locally grown Bean & Vegetable Soup with local venison, fresh salad, corn bread

Opening Fire Circle with Cacao Ceremony

(musical instruments and singing invited)


Saturday, June 19

At Base Camp when you wake:  

Breakfast Burritos, locally sourced venison sausage patties, fresh fruit, coffee/tea

9 a.m. Safety Presentation

10 a.m. Anointing Ceremony

We will annoint our feet, then Hike up to the Bluff, purifying the land with our footsteps and prayerful intent. We'll create a Nature Prayer Mandala together, then go our separate ways for communion with the land before returning to camp whenever you choose.


Lunch on your own, self-provided


Free Time

Suggested Activities: Further exploration of the land on your own, journaling, cloud watching, horse time, prayer, meditation, silence or socializing, according to your heart's desire.


4 p.m. Archetypal Gesture workshop with Lisa. Learn how to move dense energy in your body and send it out with powerful intention. The tools learned in this offering will aid the spiritual warrior in moving energy with intention for purification, healing, and protection.


6 p.m. Dinner, Fire Roasted Chicken Breasts (with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sundried tomatoes, capers, and Himalayan sea salt), roast potatoes, green salad. 


8 p.m.  Transformational Breathwork in the big tent on the Prairie


After Breathwork:  Communal Fire (S’mores)


Sunday, June 20


At Base Camp when you wake: Breakfast Burritos and fresh fruits, Coffee/Tea


9 a.m. Yoga (optional)


10 a.m.  Walking to Beautiful Valley and Dome Rock (perhaps with the Horses), optional climbing to the lower rung.


Lunch on your own, self-provided


Break Individual Camp and pack up.

1 p.m. Closing Ceremony (honoring the land for its many gifts)

Everyone is welcome to take their time and enjoy themselves as long as they wish before leaving.

June 18-20, 2021


$150 per camper

$125 per person for a couple or friend pair

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