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Be Free Breathwork, a journey of transformation

Discover the ancient power of the breath with this blindfolded group experience set within a sacred space of allowance, acceptance and love. The power of the breath brings an altered state of consciousness, prompting a deep dive into the self, which can bring the release of stuck energy, vision questing, a sense of lightness, relaxation and healing. No experience is ever the same. 

Each breathwork experience begins with a sacred circle for sharing of intention, before a blindfolded musical journey into the self, lasting approximately 1+ hour. The musical playlist is specially curated to work with the energetics of the 7 chakras, taking you on a musical and energetic journey of self-discovery . Following the blindfolded journey is A 20-minute period of art processing or journaling in silence. A processing circle will conclude the experience.


Held on a monthly basis at the studio, the self investment cost is $25. 


All Be Free Breathwork Journey events are held at the Koncepts Karate Studio in Gering (Next to the China House).  Space is limited and these events do sell out, so don't delay, register now.


Registration is required, Click Below to Learn Dates/Times






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