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Go Within Within Within Wilderness Quest

Aug. 29 - Sept. 3 
on private land near Gering, Nebraska

Investment in Self


Pay a $100 deposit to hold your space, pay in full with a

second payment by August 2, 2018. Please contact us privately

for any questions or concerns regarding this policy.

$444 through June!

Meet Your Guides

Then, keep scrolling to find out about the special gift we are offering to anyone

who shares and signs up a participant! 

You must Register Before Aug 2nd

We will host a Pre Quest Video Conference for Questers on Aug 8th so as to prepare everyone to get the most out of their experience. During this video conference we will cover: land, environment, and wilderness camping safety, 

what to bring, fasting options and preparations, intention setting, meeting your fellow questers, meeting your facilitators, and Q and A.

Our Gift To You

We recognize the value of community and positive word of mouth. Therefore anyone that signs up upon your referral you receive $25.  Even if you don't plan on attending, or can't, this offer applys to you. 

CASH BACK PROMOTION POLICY I understand that The Facilitators are offering a $25 cash back promotion to me if my promotional code is used at the time of sign up. My promotional code, unless otherwise discussed with The Facilitators is my last name. I understand that each $25 dollars I attain through this promotional offer is payable to me on the first day of The Retreat (August 29, 2018).  Even if I am not attending, I am eligible for this promotion. For each person who signs up with my referral I will receive a $25 check on or before Aug. 2, 2018.  In either case, I understand that if for whatever reason the person (or people) that signed up under my referral do not attend, I will not receive my promotional cash back. 

As an Additional *Optional* Part of this Quest:
           As a part of this Quest we are offering an optional experience of up to 96 hrs fasted (4 days).

           Fasting for an extended period of time allows us to detox the body and mind and experience the Self

as a clear channel through which spirit can move and reside. Additionally, fasting brings to the forefront of our awareness our addictions, habits, and patterns. Fasting also allows us time and space to reflect on things such as our mental programming, conditioned responses, emotional holdings or resistances, and where we use substance to check out, feel joy, or belong. Fasting is a quick way to come face to face with anything that no longer serves you, because there is nothing left to use to ignore it. Prolonged fasting has many benefits: it helps us to let go of negativity, brings us the opportunity to find joy in everything around us, gives us emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical strength, it detoxes the body and mind, puts us closer to spirit by raising our vibration, and alleviates many common medical ailments.

           There are three fasting options that each person will choose from:

1) a 96-hour fast from 1pm Wednesday to 1pm Sunday

2) fasting from sunrise to sunset each day

3) anywhere in between.

           ***Regardless of which option you choose, you will be supported before, during, and after your fasting experience. Please know that the specifics of fasting including safe fasting criteria, how to prepare, what to expect, how to fast, what to do while fasting, and more information on the 3 different options will be covered in the Go Within Wilderness Quest preparation video conference to be held 3 weeks before day 1 of our journey together.

A Note About Food:
           We encourage everyone to participate in at least minimal fasting during this Quest. As such, we will be providing only minimal food limited tohomemade bone broth, coconut water, and electrolyte packs during fasting days for support. We will be providing a breaking the fast meal for everyone on day 5 upon your return to base camp to include: fresh fruits, green juices, broth, raw veggies, soup, salad, and farm fresh eggs. A similar breakfast will be provided on the morning of day 6.

           If you decide that fasting isn’t for you, you will be expected to bring your own food which is limited to trail food or that which you can cook over the fire on base camp days and without a fire on solo days. You will be asked to respect those who are fasting and keep your food to yourself, and those who are fasting will be asked to respect you as you enjoy your meals.



On this Quest, you will spend 6 days and 5 nights on privately owned prairie lands near Gering, Nebraska (a 2-hour drive from Fort Collins, Colo). The specifics of the location will be given out to those who register and will attend. This is a wilderness camping quest so you will be bringing your own tent and camping supplies. We will be meeting at the home of land owner and co-facilitator, Lisa Betz-Marquez. From there, we will hike to canyon base camp and set up for the first 2 nights. We will spend that time engaging in mindfulness practices, sacred circle, breathwork ceremony, and learning the ins and outs of camping on the land and safety, as well as learning prayerful practices to be engaging with on your own. On day 3 you will venture out on your own following safe and practical guidelines to spend 2 nights in solitude. During that time you will have the opportunity to journal, reflect, and be in communion with Great Spirit. On Day 5 everyone returns to base camp for the Celebration of Return.

The Invitation:

Explore the wide open plains of the within within within. Join us for 6 days, and 5 nights on an adventure like no other.  A vision quest is sacred to many Native American tribes. This tradition is honored today as a rite of passage. Join us for a modern experience of an ancient ceremony. The Go Within Within Within Wilderness Quest enables men and women to embark on a sacred journey in three parts: releasing an old life, venturing into solitude for deep reformation and rebirth across the threshold, into celebration of the new Self.

Lisa Betz-Marquez

Alexandra Jenkins

Join Our


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 I invite you to pack your bags, fill them to the brim, bring everything, the sadness, the worry, the fear, the insecurities, the heavy emotions, the I can’ts and the I shouldn’ts. Bring it all, the heavy programs, the not good enoughs, the someone else is betters, ALL of it. Bring all of it and leave it here on the prairie where it will seep into the mother, it will fertilize the grasses, the plant medicines, the sage and the yucca and the cactus, creating flowers and food for the animals here. Bring it ALL, bring all of You to this sacred land where we will sing the old magic of forgiveness, clearing ourselves for better things, for space to create and love, to dance and play and sing as children of Pacha Mama. It is all here, this magic. Bring yours. Bring it all. Bring all of You. Let the journey begin.

My invitation to you is to take up more SPACE.
Let's stop playing small. Let's stop playing by anyone's rules other than our own! What better way to do that than on 100+ acres of land. My invitation to you is to PLAY, run WILD, be seen, FEEL INTENSE emotion and let it out. My invitation is to hold the space for you to feel

Day 1

 By 1 p.m. we meet at Lisa's home. From there we all gather our things and hike to base camp which is about ¾ of a mile away. The rest of this day is spent setting up tents, building a communal fire, and getting settled in. Later in the afternoon we will sit in sacred circle sharing in the opening ceremony. During this time we will get to know each other, discuss what brought us here, and discover more about the magic and medicine of the land.

At nightfall, we embark on our first Breathwork Journey. 

Day 2

We will open the day with meditation and a light yoga practice. Following, we will circle again for more teachings around the 7 directions, shadow, dreaming, guides, self reflection, and intention setting. We will also further discuss land, wilderness and camping safety practices, including how to choose your solo camping spot, and how we at base camp will be holding space for you while you are out on your own. 


In the afternoon you will be venturing out to find your own camping spot that you will solo at during day 3-4.  
You go out on your own with a map, mark your trail, choose your spot, come back and report to us so we know how and where to find you.

In the evening we will once again circle up to discuss prayerful practices to be engaging in while on your solo journey.

At nightfall, we embark on our second Breathwork Journey.

 Day 3 & 4

As the day opens you pack up your things and head out on your Quest. When you reach your spot, you put up your camp site, and settle in.

 These days might consist of journaling, yoga, reading, playing music, breathwork, meditation, walking, hiking or any other reflective practices that bring you in deeper communication with yourself, spirit, and your questing purpose.


Day 5

This morning you rise and shine slowly, pack up your things, and head back to base camp. Upon your return we welcome you in celebration of the new Self that has emerged. We spend this afternoon singing, playing music, sharing, and connecting with one another.

The evening finds us once again together in sacred circle where each person will share about their journey and be given the opportunity to express themselves in whatever way they choose through a Celebration of Self – performance of a reading, song, etc.

Each person will be celebrated and the experience they had will be reflected in community.


Day 6

We will rise slowly in the morning, eventually gathering for yoga, meditation, and finally closing ceremony.
The afternoon is spent packing up our things and eventually hiking back to Lisa and Frank’s home from base camp.  From there, we say our goodbyes and head back to our lives, reborn.

What Lies Behind Us and What Lies Before Us are Tiny Matters Compared to What Lies Within Us

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