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Archetypal Gesture

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Archetypal Gesture is based on a series of simple physical poses created in a specific breath and movement practice designed to help the participant to tap into the inner wisdom and emotional coding of their body. The introductory workshop works with the following archetypal states of being: Uplift, Embrace, Open, Close, Crown, Bless.  

After a few minutes spent learning the gestures, which is an easy and simple process for anyone without stress or worry, the gestures, combine with the breathing practice, become the pathway to self-discovery, leading the exploration of our body’s stored knowledge of our emotions in relationship to our vast inner world and the everyday outer world as we relate to those around us.


After the physical exploration, participants are led on a blindfolded journey to the astral plane where they will meet with a significant person in their life for a soul to soul conversation where relationship dynamics can be revised, renewed, renegotiated, and resolved. The understanding and resolution obtained during this meeting is effortlessly carried into the waking everyday world for both the physical and astral participant.

What Participants have said:

"I have participated in archetypal gesture with Lisa two times. The very first time was a profound and deeply healing experience for me. I found the movements simple, and easy to remember, even though I was sure I would forget them. I instantly connected with the closest person to my heart that was causing me pain at the moment. We had a beautiful exchange while meeting on the astral plane. I had a huge emotional release, as did the person I was communicating with. It completely altered our present-day relationship, and enhanced it. The archetypal gesture class is more powerful and healing than I can explain in words. I have incorporated the movements into my everyday life, and practice them often."

- Samantha

"I am a professional actor and artist, and Lisa's Archetypal Gesture workshop was a profound opportunity for deep personal exploration, healing, and artistic growth. This workshop is an incredible resource when you know it's time to face the obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward. Lisa brings deep empathy to all of her sessions, and her AG is structured so thoughtfully and carefully, so that all participants experience a sense of safety and privacy, allowing both the control and the freedom to explore the gestures to their deepest levels. For performance artists (dance, theatre, voice) seeking to break down blocks in your work, this workshop is SO valuable! Lisa is totally dedicated to finding the pulse where mind, body, breath, and spirit intersect and anchor our purest creative energies! Her workshops will push you to break through whatever walls you're up against, reintegrate all of those strands of creativity, and reconnect you with that transcendence that we've all experienced in our most profound moments of artistry, when it all comes together. If you're seeking the next level in your journey, this is a really cool way to get there!"

- Martha


About Facilitator Lisa Betz-Marquez

The gestures themselves came to Lisa as a graduate acting student at Wayne State University. The gestures were introduced to her as part of her training in the Michael Chekhov Acting technique. Lisa immediately recognized the energetic possibilities for healing and better self-awareness while exploring the gestures as a student.  Many years later, the gestures returned to her awareness as she began to facilitate personal healing and coaching for clients using the gestures in a very specific way that brings powerful healing and transformation to individual participants and their personal relationships. 

Read more about Lisa here.

To book Lisa for individual coaching work or as a group facilitator, contact her at or by calling 308-672-1114.

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