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Saturday, March 21

11 a.m.            The Happy Heart, a children’s meditation   

FREE               with Lisa Betz-Marquez.

Children will learn how to use the imagination to visualize and process feelings and release them in a healthy, relaxing, affirming way. 


Noon              Meditation 101: Discovering the Gold Mine Within     

FREE               with Jason Curtis   

1 p.m.             Intro To Tarot with Spiral Moon

                        Linda Louise Brown

2 p.m.             Come as you A.R.E – Emotional Wellness & Balance 

$10                  with Althea Mitchell  

Frustration, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Inferiority and Regret are emotions that we have. Overwhelm has become almost an accepted state of mind. In our search to get our Emotional Wellness back, how do you find your own way in the endless possibilities of alternative modalities?  (Workbook and survey included).


3 p.m.             Make a Wish – Bottle of Intention (limited to 10 participants)

$12                  with Grace Torchbringer, Whispering Willow  

Wishes are something we send out to the universe on a daily basis. For some, they blow out candles. One of the most magickal ways that we were taught to make a wish was presented to us as children with the dandelion and how blowing on her majestical manes would grant us any wish that we desire.   In this workshop, we encompass this same mindset. Like we did with the dandelion all those years ago, we will focus on all of our hopes and dreams (no matter how big or small) and fill two petite apothecary bottles to the brim. A jar, a variety of herbs, and solutions will be provided to you during this class. Finally, we will seal your wish in place with melted candle wax and song.  (fee includes materials)


4 p.m.             Chakras 101, with Shaylee and Amy of The Centered Soul


Learn the basic fundamentals of the chakra system, and techniques for keeping yours open and balanced.


Sunday, March 22

11 a.m.            Yoga with Frank Marquez, Prairie Arts Yoga   


Join Frank Marquez for an invigorating yoga practice that will get your body moving. 


Noon              Heart Medicine, dissolving hurt into love

FREE              with Lisa Betz-Marquez 

The heart stores the medicine needed for healing every hurt. Learn how to ask your heart for guidance in healing your hurts and dissolve anger using the heart’s medicine of love.


1 p.m.             Animal Communication, with Lorie Reeh

$10                 Kashmir Animal Communication 

Learn how Lorie became aware of her gift of communicating with animals, how she prepares for a session, and ask your own question of your pets to learn how you can also communicate with your beloved animal friends.


2 p.m.             Come as you A.R.E – Body Speak 101 

$20                  with Althea Mitchell 

Our bodies talk to us in various ways, do you understand what your body is saying to you?  It is time to Stop, Look, and Listen to what is going on.  Come learn how to understand the signals and warning signs your body sends to help you get back into alignment with emotional wellness and restore balance.  (Workbook and survey included).


3:30 p.m.        Healing Sound Bath with singing bowls 

$10                  Laurel Morava, Crystal Clear Health and Healing Center

The sweet, complex tones of singing bowls deeply penetrate both body and mind. Their unique soundscape and internal harmonies cut through the chatter of the mind to touch fundamental parts of ourselves. Singing bowl healing is the use of these harmonious sounds for their beneficial effects.  Join Laurel for a relaxing experience in the Tibetan sound healing tradition.

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