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Why Yoga?

Yoga helps with better mobility

One must move the body in order to maintain its power to be mobile.  Sitting in a chair to work, watch television or read takes a toll on the body’s capability to be mobile.  Yoga includes bending, turning, rotating, pivoting, ways of moving the body and its limbs that keep the joints lubricated and functioning, preserving greater mobility at any age, and especially as we age.

Yoga increases flexibility

By stretching our muscles and opening our joints, range of motion is increased.  As we work the muscles in this gentle way, benefits include better strength and tone to the muscles, making mobility easier and less painful.  Yoga can also assist in the alleviation of chronic pain associated with repetitive patterns established throughout life.  Even simple yoga poses such as neck stretches can assist with flexibility and pain reduction. 

As people move less, without mindful practices the neck becomes stiff from lack of use. Head turns and rolls are also beneficial, as well as spinal rolls, twists, side stretches, forward folds and back bends.

Yoga increases strength

Yoga works all of the major muscles, making simple movement easier and less of a strain.  When our body moves more easily to rise out of a chair, get out of bed, off the couch, or reach to a high cupboard or over to tie our shoes, the body feels more alive, awake, and capable of movement. 

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