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Lisa is an instrument of God’s love, working with clients to help them dream, create, and live their best life. 

Using a variety of spiritual gifts and tools such as Reiki, NLP, Meditation, Affirmation, Breathwork, Yoga, and others, Lisa works with divine guidance to lovingly guide her clients to self empowerment.  

Clients learn how to let go of inherited beliefs, patterns and behaviors that restrict them from creating the life that best serves their spiritual gifts and sacred mission in this lifetime, while honoring the journey that brought them to the present moment.

Lisa is a facilitator and teacher showing the way to self reliance, creative living, and personal freedom. Lisa’s powerful gift of compassion and her deep connection with the Divine assists her clients to end the patterns of suffering, grudge-holding, and lack that lead to mental and physical dis-ease.

Step into your own Light as a child of God, and learn how forgiveness, faith, and love of God’s creation within you can lead you to a rich and beautiful life.

How might life be different if you could change your belief about yourself?

What might be possible if you forged a new path in the direction you choose?

What might emerge if you discovered a new way to love yourself and others?

You don't have to do it alone.

With compassionate and loving guidance, Lisa will gently and kindly bring to your attention the ways in which small shifts in perspective can lead to beautiful and welcome changes, opening your awareness to a wider understanding of what is possible when we begin to choose our path forward, moving confidently into

our own dream of life.

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